from Robert Parker

I have been fortunate enough to attend a lot of extraordinary dinners where some of the world’s top rated wines have been served. However, I don’t think I have ever been to an event where the wines were as consistently superb as they were at this charity gala dinner that benefitted indigent families in Singapore. I thank Mr. Soo Hoo and Arnaud Compas as well as Lisa Perrotti-Brown for putting together this extraordinary menu and wine pairings.  This was one of the most memorable nights of compelling wines and prodigious cuisine I have ever experienced. And it was all for a wonderful charity in Singapore.

Charity Gala Dinner- Hedonist Gazette,  2010

Arnaud is incredibly passionate about wine and his enthusiasm is infectious.  He launches  into lengthy explanations behind his championing of the wines on offer even drawing diagrams to describe the way the geography of certain regions can impact the wine. August 2010

feed back

Astonishing tasting last night. It was a real pleasure to meet Arnaud who was excellent – incredibly informative, educational and engaging. The wines were a revelation.
Charles  on The Great White  April 2012 

“It's official!  The best wine tasting I have ever been to.

@Yamutravel  August 2013

Is there such a thing as an intelligent and unpretentious wine expert? Enter Arnaud. This French man knows his wines, in a way that doesn't intimate or smack of pompous righteousness, which is so very important when it comes to a night of wine tasting and education.

miss rachelle January 2011 

It became immediately apparent that Monsieur Compas is a man who knows his wine. Excellent in his descriptions, he led us through the evening as a good shepherd should – helping to increase our understanding and most of all our enjoyment. Arnaud is not a pretentious Gaul; he favours enjoyment over snobbery via his clear expertise in the field.

 bored of food August 2012


Leadenhall Magazine March 2012

Tasting times Guided by Wine expert Arnaud Compas, Mark Riddaway spends an afternoon in bedales Wine bar discovering Malolactic Wine

Arnaud Compas 

1997 Master in Wine Geography Aix

1999 Pre-Doctorate Geography, Rennes

2002 Co Founder Bedales Borough Mkt

2005 Bedales at Spitalfields

2007 Bedales at Leadenhall

2010 Collaborate with Robert Parker

2010 In Singapore for Parker in Asia

2010 Master of wine Program

2011 With Alan Meadows in Kuala-L

2011 With Robert Parker and the Wine Advocate in Hong Kong at the Petrus restaurant